Owens, et al v. Michaelangelo Foods

Owens, et al v. Michaelangelo Foods, LLC, et al, 11 L 6869
Verdict: Not Guilty
Trial Date: June 17-20, 2013

Defendant was driving a delivery truck and rear-ended the plaintiffs in their passenger car on North Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois. The collision was heavy, causing significant damage to the car which jumped the curb and struck Village of Oak Park property after the initial impact. Both plaintiffs claimed that their vehicle was moving at 20 mph at the time of the impact. Plaintiff-driver alleged neck and back injuries, and Plaintiff-passenger alleged to have suffered a torn pectoral tendon which was surgically repaired after the accident. Mr. Olson and his client presented evidence that the plaintiffs’ vehicle made a sudden stop without reason or warning, and the jury returned a verdict for the Defendant and against both plaintiffs.