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Bjornberg v. Rikki’s Cleaning Service & Interpark, 10 L 558 Verdict: $17,196.67 Trial Date: June 10-14, 2013 Our firm defended a cleaning service against a plaintiff who slipped and fell in a parking lot located next to the Chicago Board of Trade. Along with the cleaning service, the plaintiff sued the parking lot owner, Interpark.

Stoops v. Mensch, Inc. d/b/a Full Moon Bar & Grill Verdict: Not Guilty Trial Date: Aug. 17-21, 2012 Plaintiff was with two friends at Full Moon Bar & Grill in Batavia, Illinois. Other patrons were antagonistic and aggressive toward the Plaintiff and openly threatened him. As Plaintiff got up to leave, the patrons quickly approached

Eitel v. Turner, 08 L 9954 Verdict: Not Guilty Trial Date: March 12-15, 2012 Plaintiff, 16 years old, sustained severe brain injuries in a car accident that left her with permanent disabilities in her left arm and leg. Plaintiff was proceeding straight through an intersection as Defendant turned left in front of Plaintiff. The force

Zilka v. New Warsaw Restaurant, 10 L 522 Verdict: Not Guilty Trial Date: November 17-22, 2011 The New Warsaw Restaurant owned a banquet hall which was partially separated by a room divider that did not lock or latch and would move or sway when moderate force was applied. The plaintiff testified that the room divider

Goldberg v. The Grill Company, 09 L 601 Verdict: Not Guilty Trial Date: April 5-7, 2010 The plaintiff fell off her bicycle after riding over a hose that Defendant was using to wash the outdoor patio area of his restaurant. The plaintiff claimed that Defendant stretched the hose across the sidewalk and was moving it,

REAR-END ACCIDENT – NO PERSONAL INJURIES FROM MINOR IMPACT Belicek v. Jacobs (Indiana) Obtained defense verdict for a driver who rear-ended the plaintiffs’ vehicle in spite of $30,787.86 in medical bills admitted into evidence; the passenger in the plaintiff’s vehicle with $6,452.24 in medical bills was awarded $3,764.00.

UNPAID CONTRACTOR PREVAILS IN SUIT AND COUNTERCLAIM FOR FRAUD Corna Construction v. Gil (Illinois) Obtained defense verdict on counterclaim for $106,980.00 brought by disgruntled homeowner against general contractor for alleged poor workmanship and other work defects, after general contractor filed suit to collect $10,335.92 unpaid balance on original contract.