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Sciammarella v. Peter Pan Restaurant (Carson’s Ribs), 11 L 12958 Verdict: $171,893.00 Trial Date: October 31-November 4, 2014 We represented Carson’s for Ribs in Chicago on behalf of its valet who knocked over the plaintiff while backing her car into Carson’s parking lot. The plaintiff stepped behind the car while trying to jaywalk across Wells

McWilliams & Gladney v. Roins Produce, 13 L 300172 Verdict: Not Guilty Trial Date: October 9, 2014 We successfully defended a produce company and their driver on a “swoop and squat” case. An unidentified vehicle stopped suddenly in front of the plaintiff’s car causing the plaintiff to collide with the unidentified vehicle. Our client, driving

Express Line Corporation v. Uniglobal Transport, et al., 10 L 8164 Verdict: Not Guilty Trial Date: March 28 – April 1, 2014 I defended a trucking company which had subcontracted a delivery to a driver who, while making the delivery, caused damage to a warehouse. The co-defendant driver backed her truck into the loading dock

Mitkal v. Tonk, 09 L 5271 Verdict: Not Guilty Trial Date: March 7-13, 2014 This case was tried in Illinois using Indiana law. An accident consisting of a series of collisions separated by two minutes and involving four vehicles on Interstate 65 during snowfall and slick roadway conditions caused severe injuries to Plaintiff. Plaintiff, an